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Architecture: Exposure to Edit

This is a two-hour talk (including a short break) where I cover the kind of images I take and what I look for when shooting both internal and external architecture.

I'll start by talking about the gear I use and why I use it, and then cover some of the very simple tricks I use to help me 'get the shot', especially in crowded locations, whilst showing some of my work.

In the second half of the talk I'll do a live demonstration (all questions welcome) edit of some images using a combination of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC.

All of this is from the point of view of an amateur photographer, but a professional IT and Photoshop instructor.


"[Richard] spoke with such modesty and warmth about [his] work."

"Made the editing process seem accessible"

"Excellent presentation last night- super images and lots of great tips - unanimous positive feedback from members."

"Last night [we] hosted Richard O’Brien, giving his presentation, “Architecture: Exposure to Edit”. His background in lecturing and online training came to the fore with his relaxed style, showing some superb images and many editing pearls of wisdom as well. I would highly recommend Richard to any camera club looking for Zoom presentations."

"It was a superb talk and an amazing presentation from a very experienced IT teacher, showing what can be achieved with Photoshop in his expert hands. He is indeed a "Photoshop Expert"! I much enjoyed his presentation."